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Get 50$ off of your first move!

How We Clean It

Covid Security Measures

  • Protecting You
    & Your Family

    • We use Covid-safe masks and gloves at all times
    • We disinfect and sanitize every surface with alcohol based products
    • We use special shoe covers that keep bacteria out of your home
    • We’ll send you a Covid safety questionnaire to complete 24 hours before your moove
    • All our Trucks are sterilized before being dispatched
  • Protected Staff

    • We monitor our staff with regular temperature checks, including before your move
    • Our staff will keep a safe distance from you and your family at all times
    • Moovers regularly wash and sanitize their hands

Mooving FAQ's

Not at all.
Our staff is equipped with everything they need to get your home spotless.
With our white glove service, our highly skilled staff will have your home spotless with a guarantee of complete satisfaction.
Cancelations must be made more than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Yes we do provide recurring cleaning services. Call us for a free estimate!